Intelligent Routing

For DataCenters, Telcos and IP Transit Providers

Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform is an optimization platform for Internet Traffic. The paths for destinations on the Internet (such as websites) are selected by the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP has been around since the 1990s, which is a testament to the Protocol’s reliability and stability However, BGP cannot detect packet loss and delay along a path. In today’s world, where users have switched from PCs to their handheld devices like tablets and mobile phones, availability of a website or a service is of prime importance. Packet loss and delay are two factors that directly impact the quality of experience of a user.

If you are running a Datacenter or providing IP Transit Service to your customers, you have to ensure that the Quality of Experience score is as high as possible. Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform optimizes traffic in the outbound (to the Internet) as well as the Inbound (to the Customer’s Network) direction.

Deploying the Intelligent Routing Platform significantly optimizes the efficiency of the Operations team since the Operations team can stop spending their time in repetitive and thankless tasks of juggling with IP Prefixes in order to avoid congestion especially in the Inbound direction.  IRP takes care of automatically advertising IP Prefixes to Upstreams  and dynamically handling issues in other Autonomous Systems (like black holing of traffic) or congestion on a circuit.

One Telecom has the necessary expertise to deploy Noction’s IRP in your Data Center or IP Transit Network to help you make a purchase decision. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss the dimensioning of the solution. We can provide the Noction IRP as a hardware appliance or as a Virtual Instance on your virtualized infrastructure.

Deploying Intelligent Routing Platform helps you control the costs of IP Transit, monitor Upstream Service Level Agreements as well as significantly improving the Quality-of-Experience in your network.

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